CoPier Equipment Rental

The management of copiers that have meter readings, and the annual rental and maintenance services are on assignment from the Records Management Department to the Navajo Nation Branches, Departments and programs.

Copier Assignments of the Navajo Nation Records Management:

The general information is the Navajo Nation departments/offices that has any assigned copiers from the Records Management Department it is best for their office staff to place the telephone call to the Konica Minolta Business Solution Customer Support Center 1- 800 – 456 – 5664.

The reason is when the telephone call is placed to the K.M.B.S. Customer Support they are requiring certain information to process a request for service and/or supply order.

The copier’s has an attached white label (front cover door) for the Identification Number (ID#) which comprises of eight digits or the full Serial Number (alpha numerical sequence) that will be relayed back to the K.M.B.S. representative.

The unique information to place for the service/supply call are: the full name of the contact person(s); the telephone number of where the copier is located; the problem or issues that are pertaining to the specific copier; and the physical location of the address on where the copier is located that is needed by the K.M.B.S. representative.

In regards to the supply order, it is best to obtain the toners (black and/or color), waste containers and staples for complete inventory for your assigned copier.

Note: The assigned copiers from Navajo Nation Records Management are on a Maintenance Agreement, for servicing and supply consumables. Other business will try to scam your office to obtain their products at a higher cost or of not genuine Konica Minolta products. Be aware of their tactics and not to give out serial numbers for your security.

A confirmation number is given back to the caller, upon the completion of the telephone call. Retain the confirmation number for your reference information.

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